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Remote Banking


In addition to a wide array of depository accounts, Redstone Bank has the commercial services you need with the convenience you desire. We call it Remote Banking. We have designed this service with your most precious commodity in mind…your time. It allows you access to all of your banking right from your very own office. To learn more about Remote Banking, simply call us at 720.880.5013. We’re always happy to talk with you.

Our full service Remote Banking allows you to stay at your office to conduct business instead of taking time out of your day to make a trip to the Bank. With Remote Banking, we provide products that can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific business operations and accessed directly from your own desk. All you need is a computer. We’ll do the rest, including hands on training at your place of business. Here are some of the details:

Remote Deposit Services

deposit workflow

With Remote Deposit, you can make your daily deposit and never leave your desk. Here's how it works: Eligible customers will simply scan an image of the checks you want to deposit. All you have to do is log in, scan the check, enter the payment information and send that file to us for processing. That's it. The deposit confirmation will be sent back to you for your records and the funds will be posted to your account.

Save time and money with fewer trips to the bank and extending deposit hours. Increase cash flow by improving the availability of your funds and reducing float time. It really is that simple. But there's more...

On-line Banking Services

Used in addition to or separately from the Remote Deposit Services, our online banking can be a huge time saver. Securely access your bank accounts from any computer. Once logged on you can view your bank accounts, download daily transaction history and monthly statements, transfer money from account to account, send wires or ACH files, limit fraud losses with Positive Pay and even make regular bill payments. You tell us what you need as far as banking functions go and we will set up your on-line banking to accommodate those needs.*

*Some of the features of Redstone Remote Banking may require credit approval.

Redstone Bank provides you with this full array of the latest banking products without forgetting about that personal touch. No need to worry, your banker will come to your location to set up these services, explain how they work, why they are secure and how they benefit your business. Did we mention we'll come to you, set everything up and train everyone who will use these services? That's Remote Banking. That's Redstone Bank.

For information and a customized Treasury Management proposal, please call 720.880.5013.

Full Service Remote Banking

Doesn't it seem like technology changes everyday? Well, at Redstone Bank, we will help you and your business keep up with the latest trends in technology - at least when it comes to your banking needs. Bank info at your fingertips. Deposits made from your own desk. We call it Remote Banking.

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Redstone Mobile Banking

Banking on the Go

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