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Let us guide you through making the switch to Redstone Bank.

Switch Checklist

Switch Direct Deposits

Switch Auto Payments

Close Old Account

Changing banks can be a big decision and a real challenge.  That's why we've designed a Switch Kit to guide you step by step through the move.  This kit includes all of the forms you'll need to switch your accounts, your automatic transfers and payments and your direct deposit to Redstone Bank.  

Just follow these easy steps and allow us to show you the way!

Step 1: Open Your New Account at Redstone Bank

Visit Redstone Bank and one our Customer Service Representatives will help you find the products that are a perfect fit for you.  Or you can click here to check it out for yourself.  After opening your account, make the most of our convenient ways to manage your account by enrolling for Online Banking and downloading our app.  Our CSR's will make sure you're set up with a debit card and/or checks if you need them!

Step 2: Stop Actively Using Your Old Account

While you'll want to keep this account open until all direct deposit and automatic withdrawals have been successfully switched to your new account, you'll want to stop using your old account for daily activity.  

Step 3: Transfer Direct Deposits & Automatic Payments

This is one of the most important aspects of making a smooth switch.  It's a good idea to have a few recent bank statements available to review the automatic transactions you need to move.  To aid you in identifying all of the companies you have authorized to deposit or automatically withdraw funds from your account, you can use this Switch Checklist

To change any automatic deposits that are being made to your account (including payroll), complete our Direct Deposit Authorization Form.  

There are different ways to notify your Payees of your new bank account. 

  • Payees may have a form included with your monthly statement for you to enter your new account information.
  • Many payees also have customer service numbers  and allow you to provide your new account information by telephone.
  • Many companies have websites available for you to enter your new bank information.
  • In the event you'd prefer to mail or deliver a document to your payee, we've provided an Automatic Payment Authorization Form for your convenience.  Simply complete one of these forms for each automatic withdrawal that you need to change to your new Midwest Bank account.  

Step 4: Close Your Old Bank Account

Once you are certain that all outstanding checks have cleared and all automatic payments and direct deposits are successfully being deducted from or credited to your new Redstone Bank account, it's time to close your old account with your previous bank.  You can either contact your previous banking institution to close your account or you can use the Request to Close Account form below.