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Cash Management

Redstone Bank is a financial partner to help your business grow and expand.


ACH (Automated Clearing House)


  • Improves cash flow and simplifies cash-flow forecasting
  • Eliminates mail and check processing float by automatically collecting ACH payments
  • Cuts down on manual operations by reducing time spent tracking and collecting payments
  • Lowers risk by accelerating return item information

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture


  • Along with our Business Mobile app comes the capability to deposit checks on behalf of your business using your phone.  Contact us today to add this convenient feature to your Redstone Business app.  

Scanner Based Remote Deposit Capture


  • Help reduce fraud risk by accelerating check clearing
  • Export data and image files in multiple formats
  • Eliminate manual deposit preparation time
  • Scan and deposit checks online
  • Make deposits after traditional banking hours and on weekends

Merchant Processing


  • Competitive merchant payment processing rates
  • Accept credit card payments and receive timely, automatic credit directly into your deposit account.
  • A full-featured, portable POS is also available for accepting payments virtually anywhere.
  • Mobile devices that are compatible with a smartphone or tablet for accepting payments on the go
  • Retail, phone, Internet and e-commerce solutions



  • Image Lockbox increases the efficiency of your collection process while expanding your usable cash for investments or debt servicing through the reduction of collection float.
  • Available cash is increased by reducing mail float, check transit float, and internal mail sorting/deposit processing float. Same day credit to your company’s designated depository account expedites receivables processing and accelerates cash flow.



ACH (Automated Clearing House)


  • Help lower processing costs
  • Flexibility to initiate, verify, reverse, and delete transactions
  • Reduced exposure to check fraud
  • Simplified payroll, tax, and vendor payments
  • Cash concentration services to leverage excess balances

Wires (Domestic & International)


  • Initiate wires electronically through the Redstone Bank Online portal, or non-electronic channels. You can quickly process same-day and future-dated domestic wires both online and through Redstone Bank employees

Commercial Bill Pay


  • Pay bills and manage recurring payments
  • Transfer funds

Sweep Services


  • manage day-to-day banking activities while leveraging the benefits of a cash concentration or even loan sweep to apply excess funds to principle payments. This is structured by automating the concentration of balances Deciding which strategy is best and to maximize the efficiency of this product takes an expert, refer to one today.



  • Banks that offer CDARS are members of a special network, the CDARS Network. You work directly with a local CDARS Network member – a financial institution you know and trust. Get personalized, high-touch service from a local bank and forgo the need to manage multiple bank relationships.



  • The placement of your funds occurs in increments below the standard FDIC insurance maximum of $250,000 so that both principal and interest are eligible for FDIC insurance. By working directly with just one institution, you can access insurance coverage from many. And, you receive just one regular, monthly account statement.